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40LBS Electric Outboard Trolling Motor

This premium model features a reinforced composite fibre-glass shaft. With the durable aluminium alloy and nylon build, it is highly resistant to rust and alkaline corrosion and is perfect for salt water usage. Moreover, featuring a powerful yet quiet 8 speed engine, it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of approximately 7.8km/hr. It’s impressive and handy, a must have for every fishing trip.

electric trolling motor

Product Specification

1).Durable and Strongnylon Mount
2).Strong composite fibreglass shaft
3).6-inch telescoping handle
4).Twist Tiller Controls
5).5 Forward Speeds
6).3 Reverse Speeds
7).Weedless 2  Blade Machete Propeller
8).Compact Lower
9).Durable All aluminum Head
10).10 points LED Battery Meter—-Input DC12V

First Time Running
1. Place Electric Outboard onto the back of the vessel in the Stow away position.
2. Loosely tighten Transom Mounting Screws till they grip the Transom Mount.
3. Press the Tilt Lever and slowly let the motor enter the water.
4. Use the Depth Adjuster Collar to adjust the height of motor (Recommend running depth between
150mm and 300mm below the waterline).
5. When you are satisfied that the motor is at a safe depth and isn’t too close or in danger of hitting
the bottom of the lake, river or other water ways you may proceed to tighten the Transom Mounting
6. Once this is done it should be safe to connect the battery to the motor. Ensure that the twist grip is
in the neutral position and that the nuts are tight on the terminals to prevent a poor connection.
7. Select the desired speed and direction using twist grip on the tiller arm.

8. Do not go from full forward speed to full reverse speed without letting the propeller stop turning first
or motor damage may occur.


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